Held in a trusted, collaborative, non-sales environment, the Synolon innovation lab provides in partnership with DEVnet, Assenagon and their affiliated and associated companies and individuals an opportunity to evaluate and develop new business models.


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DEVnet is an expert in technology-driven business transformation and advises leading global insurance, energy and financial services companies specializing in the trading and risk management sectors.
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Assenagon is an active asset manager for institutional investors and is specialized in the proactive management of capital market risks.
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Exxeleron holds, controls, promote, protect, and enforce the intellectual property rights of the DEVnet Group.
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Ariskon combines the asset management and risk analytics knowledge of Assenagon with the portfolio management, trading, engineering, and operations tools of DEVnet.
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Eageron is focused on the development, publishing and distribution of mobile and desktop games, as well as front-end applications.
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SYNTRIX is developed by Synolon in partnership with DEVnet as a recognized managed services provider and Assenagon as an approved asset manager.
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