Synolon is a startup incubator and business accelerator, associated with the DEVnet ecosystem. Its focus is on evaluating, designing and developing smart and innovative business models, solutions and applications that meet existing and future requirements or market needs in various industries. In addition to the development of business model, Synolon exploits new ideas and converts them into economically successful products and platforms. Synolon unites arts and technology, design and science, from vision to reality, from concept to system and from idea to product.

Our Mission

Aristoteles’ definition of “synergy” provides a perfect description of Synolon’s comprehensive mission: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” With this in mind, Synolon consists of a cross-functional team of experienced professionals who see the digital transformation of industries, as an opportunity to sustainably shape the future together. Synolon inspires and helps DEVnet and its affiliated and associated companies, as well as organizations, institutions, and individuals across all industries to transform ideas into applied innovations and to overcome seemingly insurmountable business and technical challenges with previously unimaginable solutions.

Our Vision

Our overall vision is to play an active and valuable role in the digital transformation of various industries.

Our Team

Theofanis Alexandropoulos
Enterprise Architecture
Executive Partner at Synolon (Founder)
Chief Innovation Manager at DEVnet (Founder)
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Markus Hemm
Business Engineering
Business Developer at Synolon (Partner)
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Dr. Martin Oberkofler 
Business Engineering
Business Developer at Synolon (Partner)
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Philippos Alexandropoulos
Software Engineering
Software Developer at Synolon
Blockchain Solutions Developer

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