Radical innovations, beyond ordinary digitization


Radical innovations do not happen at random

In an ever-changing, increasingly connected and digitized world, to remain competitive and to stay relevant, continuous business innovation is essential, no matter your industry. It would be naive to assume that innovations happen by change at random. If you want to be innovative, you need an independent workspace environment that allows to experiment with new ideas and to design new business models outside of usual corporate structures. This understanding lead in 2014 to the foundation of Synolon, an independent company builder associated with the DEVnet ecosystem.


Radical innovations that make sense

We are thinking beyond the limits of ordinary digitization, to change the way today's businesses and industries operate fundamentally. We embody and offer the best of both worlds: the mindset, culture, and agility of a creative start-up with the needed knowledge, experience, power, and network of established companies. That provides the basis for building viable new products and services, by identifying the problems that matter and moving through them systematically to deliver elegant solutions.


Radical innovations do not happen in isolation

We are a cross-functional team of experienced professionals and talented individuals united by the passion for meeting the challenges of the structural change generated by digital technologies. We have the necessary business experience, comprehensive knowledge, creative power, and entrepreneurial drive to radically change the way business and corporate services are structured, provisioned, and consumed. In so doing, it is our ultimate objective to create, deliver, and capture measurable added value for consumers, producers, and investors.

In addition to our leadership team and strategic partners headquartered in the greater Munich area, Synolon is supported by an interdisciplinary team of senior-level engineers, mathematicians, economists, scientists, lawyers, designers, and other professionals based in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Wroclaw, Zurich, and Luxembourg.


Connecting science, technology, and business

DEVnet was founded in 1998 intending to drive the development of digital business model innovations across all industries beyond the ordinary digitization. Since 2007, also thanks to the involvement in Assenagon, DEVnet has become a European-wide operating medium-sized company with globally acting clients in banking, financial services, insurance, and energy sectors. Today, DEVnet addresses the core issues of the various industries and helps its customers deal with the complexities of sophisticated service portfolios, capabilities, and technology. DEVnet services include consulting, system integration, and digital services, covering processes, applications, and technology. With an annual turnover of around EUR 20 million, DEVnet currently employs more than 100 expert consultants at 4 locations in Germany and Poland. (DEVnet)

Assenagon was founded by two former directors of an investment banking division for structured finance products of a leading German financial institute, convinced that their expertise as risk managers would be a competitive advantage over other asset managers. Assenagon started in 2007 with the assistance of DEVnet, who shared the determination to put the needs and interests of investors first. Today, Assenagon is specialized in proactive management of capital market risks and offers holistic fund-based risk management so that institutional investors can achieve their target returns within a defined risk budget. With assets under management of EUR 40.8 billion as of December 2021, Assenagon is currently one of the fastest-growing independent asset managers in Europe.

Underdog Entertainment (formerly Eageron) was from a research project focused on the transfer of game-typical elements and processes into non-game contexts to influence behavior and increase motivation among business application users. Inspired by the outcome, Underdog Entertainment started under the brand name Eageron in 2016 with the design of individual mobile business applications and the development of casual games of any gameplay, genre, and platform. Now, Underdog Entertainment is a full-stack game development studio with all the knowledge and resources required for the efficient, creative process from scratch. As a specialist in gamification, Underdog Entertainment points us the way in adding game-like elements to our real-world applications and services.

Started in 2016 with the evaluation, motivated by the outcome, the foundation of SYNTRIX in 2018 was the logical consequence of the successful engagement in DEVnet and Assenagon, the proven in-depth expertise in information technology and financial services, the advancements in the digital technologies, and the increased pressure on the financial services industry. Now, SYNTRIX prepares to launch an entirely new generation of digital marketplaces to unlock the full value of digital innovations in the investment services industry. Covering every building block of the value chain, end to end, and running on a trusted regulation, SYNTRIX will redefine the way people invest, exchange, and trade by reshaping the way investment products and services are structured, provisioned, and consumed. (SYNTRIX)

In the beginning, each new venture bears the name Neovent. Inside our ecosystem, some people continually question the status quo and think radically different about the opportunities that surround us. That also includes entirely new ideas about the nature of the product we are bringing to the market or the service we offer. We take such seemingly radical ideas seriously, even if they do not have a name yet or no one knows where the next journey will lead us. In so doing, the new venture’s driving forces stay long behind the scenes because we are firmly convinced that building a valid business model is more important than going to market fast.


We are always interested in something new

We follow an open concept of partnering and are always interested to learn about exciting projects, companies, individuals, and investors engaged in digital innovations. Whether you have a specific venture in mind or you would like to discuss what a partnership could look like, we would be pleased to hear from you. Get in touch with us by sending us an email or giving us a call using the number listed on this page.